About Us

Our love for pizza began after reading Kiko Denzer's classic how-to book "Build Your Own Earth Oven"; building an adobe oven in our backyard and then baking pizzas and bread from the freshest ingredients one could find. Until then we had experienced no endearment for pizza. Shortly thereafter, we came across Francis Mallman's brilliant and fascinating book "Seven Fires, Grilling the Argentine way" and bought it on the spot.

This nascent curiosity with wood-fire cooking led building a Tandoori oven, and then a Parrilla grill next to the backyard earth oven. Our name, 3Fires, then is a reference to the three wood-fired cooking structures we built with simple, natural materials in our backyard and with which I cook and entertain neighbors, friends and family.

While we read both books rather voraciously, none of them teaches one how to make a pizza. Kiko Denzer's book teaches you how to build a very efficient oven with easily available natural materials like clay, sand, straw and water. Francis Mallman's book deals more with the seven ways to cook with wood fire and the nuances thereof.

Mallman is correct when he says "Cooking with wood fire is like going on a first date. It is something that you look forward to with great anticipation and a little anxiety"

At 3firesOven, we use a very simple recipe of 00 Italian flour, sea salt, yeast and water to make our pizza crusts. Our dough is allowed to ferment for at least 18 hours before hand tossing and stretching the portioned doughballs to make our pizzas. The topped pizzas are then baked in a 900 degree oven.